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Archival Practices. Producing Knowledge in early modern repositories of writing
Leitung: Markus Friedrich (Hamburg)

  • Markus Friedrich (Hamburg): What is the History of Archives and what could it be?
  • Elizabeth Williamson (London): Producing political knowledge: from the 'late great Confusion' of papers to Sir Francis Walsingham's table book
  • Randolph Head (Riverside): From Scribal Practices to Archival Knowledge Systems in Innsbruck, 1480-1565
  • Megan K. Williams (Groningen): Diplomatic Diplomatics? Approaching Early Modern Diplomacy through Paperwork Practices
  • Marc-André Grebe (Bielefeld): Governing Philip's II Paper Empire - The work of Diego Ayala, royal archivist of the Spanish Habsburgs at the Archive of Simancas (1561-1594)

Freitag, 13.09.2013, 15.15-17.15 Uhr